About How to be Good for Santa

Our Mission

TreeMontage_LargeOur mission is to inspire, engage, and empower children’s (and guardian’s) behavioral competencies by helping build lifelong relationship skills and self worth through improved self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

A significant amount of a person’s behavioral foundation is formulated by the age of eight.  Most parents (and guardians) are not positive reinforcement experts and/or don’t have the time or expertise to put together the process or materials that resonate with their children.  How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. expertly solves this problem.

Our products break through behavioral learning barriers using wonderful water-colored illustrations and kid-friendly materials which makes learning proper social behavior fun. The process and products are easy and ready to use coaching tools for adults.

Materials are designed to educate children on over 65 behaviors (and growing).  There is strong consistent messaging to be good for goodness sake, not because Santa or anyone else is watching or because presents are expected.  In addition, to treat others as you want to be treated, and just because others act badly is not a reason to act naughty in return.

We do not want being good premised on a holiday or because presents are expected!  This is an age old message we are trying to help change in modern times.

In addition to the Santa branding we also provide materials with Polite Polly the Parrot branding.  The internals for both sets of materials are 99.9% the same. The parrot branding was done so schools and B2B locations that had objections to using products with Santa on them had an alternative solution.   Both sets are specifically designed to be used year-round.

The rewards are in building healthier and stronger relationships with oneself, family, and the community at large.

Using the Santa theme during the holiday season does help many guardians break through the behavioral education barriers with children – making it easier for many parents to get their children excited about learning behavioral education.

Our materials give gift of knowledge for proper behavior. To help guide children toward this goal, our materials share exact words to use, helpful tips, practice materials, and more. Topics covered in the materials include manners, safety, social etiquette, good citizenship, anti-bullying, and life lessons.

The Business Idea

LaurenMontageWhen Lauren Alexa Weiner was only seven years old, she was building a bookstore on a SIM’s game.  Jordan T. Weiner, her devoted and supportive father, asked her the name of the book titles she created.  As she listed a stream of great titles, one stuck out, her flash of genius–How To Be Good For Santa. And the business concept was born.

When Lauren turned twelve and became interested in starting a business to earn money and prepare to get into a good college we invested significant time, efforts, and money in the business.

I, Jordan T. Weiner,  co-founder (and also the owner of Internet Consulting, Inc.) on-boarding behavioral specialists, illustrators, authors, graphic artists, content/copy writers, educational consultants, and other professionals.

In addition to coming up with the idea, Lauren’s duties include:

  • Choosing names for characters
  • Reviewing and providing revision input for each sketch from our illustrators.  Lauren reviews every character and illustration sketch for all products.
  • Reviewing and providing input for authoring of activity books, picture books, and early reader books
  • Providing input on all graphic design for the flashcards, books, stickers and other products
  • Reviewing and providing input on our website and videos
  • Reviewing and providing input on sales collateral
  • Helping with marketing ideas and sales efforts
  • Helping with award certificates and choosing contestant winners
  • and many other things

A core goal of my co-founding Lauren’s idea was teaching her real business skills in starting, growing, and maintaining a business.

Process & Products

Products work in synchronization and are portable. Many parents these days are juggling work, family, recreation, and other things that result in their child(ren) being in the care of other guardians.

Our products help parents facilitate universal proper social guidance across all guardians.  They are bridging tools to help ensure positive reinforcement is being used (verses the alternatives) when their children are in the care of other guardians.

Providing consistent messaging and behavioral coaching for addressing needed behavior improvement is now fun and easy. Simply give a sticker, share a flashcard, read a picture book, or let the children play with an activity book to coach the desired behavior education.

This is good for the parents, children, and the other guardians.

Products include:

  • Free Goal Planning and Behavior Tracking Worksheets  These material ensure that children understand and partake in the behavior goals.
  • Custom Gold Star Reward Stickers  Because children love stickers, we created a sticker for each behavior.  Stickers should be earned, not just given to play with. The stickers sync perfectly with the worksheets and practice materials.
  • 2 sets of Flashcards  Each flashcard includes an individual behavior lesson, wonderful character(s), expertly written real life words and actions to use for good behavior, and flashcards to educate children about reacting well  even when others are acting badly.
  • Coloring & Doodling Books, Activity/Game Books, and How To Draw Activity Books  Kids love to color, doodle, play games, and draw.  Children learn while they play.
  • Picture Books  Our books are designed to teach skills for various behaviors. We started with Apollo’s Apology. Based on crowdsourcing, we plan on building a library of picture books, early reader books, eBooks, eventual App, and other products to help children with their behavioral education.

You get significant discounts when ordering the “How To Be Good For Santa Kit.”


Our goal is to use crowdsourcing to continue to evolve the characters and products ensuring we build interactive materials that address our customer wants/needs. We are not looking for perfection. We have professional illustrators and authors that will take the best of the best ideas and integrate them into our How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. materials. So we are running ongoing contests. There are no entry fees. Both children and adults are eligible for entry. Valuable prizes will be awarded to contestants that are first to share great ideas used in our materials.

Crowd Sourcing Contests

  • Create A Character Contest – Top new characters are eligible for valuable prizes (if the characters ideas are professionally illustrated by us and used in the How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. materials).
    In addition, everyone can be a winner by having their character being made into a Budsies custom plush animal or doll for a very reasonable fee!
    As mentioned, our main goal for this ongoing contest is to crowdsource great new character ideas to ensure the successful evolution of our materials and to strive to provide ongoing, quality driven behavioral education materials.
  • Author A Behavioral Story Contest  Top new behavioral story-lines are eligible for valuable prizes (if chosen  to be used in How To Be Good For Santa, Inc. materials).

In addition, for a very reasonable fee, everyone can be a winner by having their story-line made into a custom cartoon by The Peanut Gallery!  The Peanut Gallery will also turn any jokes or social media funny stories into custom cartoons.

By running ongoing contests, we hope to crowdsource great new characters and stories to ensure the ongoing, successful evolution of How To Be Good For Santa, Inc.’s materials based on audience wants/demand.  Our goal is to be the go-to center in providing high quality behavioral tools that resonate with adults and make learning proper social behavior fun for children!

In conclusion, this business is extremely fun to work on, helps children and guardians, and contributes to society and humanity.  What better way to love your work while living the American Dream?  We are truly blessed and grateful to everyone who has helped bring this dream to fruition.  Help us help the world one child at a time!

In addition to selling individual products and our “kit” we offer event development programs for needy organizations, retail/wholesale, and re-seller opportunities.   If you are ethical to the highest degree and genuinely want to help children and guardians – we will work out the details with you so you can earn revenues while helping others.

Jordan T. Weiner
Loving Father & Co-Founder
How To Be Good For Santa